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"Impose ta chance, serre ton bonheur et va vers ton risque, à te regarder ils s'habitueront."

- René Char

How do I introduce myself?

A tricky exercise, to say the least.
Perhaps the best way would be to suggest you to read one of my articles on a subject that inspires you.
My background is one that could be described as atypical, and yet it makes sense when you get to know the story behind each moment of life.
As an artist photographer and stylist, I have worked for over 20 years in the field of communication, press relations, image, music and fashion. Through my experiences, my search for meaning and my personal self-work, I have trained myself throughout my journey....



"Voyageur, il n'y a pas de chemin,
le chemin se fait en marchant."

- Antonio Machado

To create our own path, our own way, the one that inspires us, that makes us vibrate and feel alive.
The one that gives us the impulse to be in order to build our reality according to our aspirations, our values and our dreams as a unique individual.

Any change process is above all the result of inner changes that are sometimes difficult to understand or to embrace.

In individual sessions, either face to face or at a distance, I accompany you in order to help you (re)find your centre, your balance, your inner flame in order to move forward serenely and confidently in the direction that is yours.

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