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How do I introduce myself?

A tricky exercise, to say the least.
Perhaps the best way would be to suggest you to read one of my articles on a subject that inspires you.
My career path is one that could be described as atypical, and yet makes sense when you get to know the story behind each moment of life.
As a person with multiple identities, I have long attempted to define myself under a single term, before I realised that the strength and uniqueness of each individual comes from their ability to embrace their paradoxes and differences, within a healthy and unified identity of their own.

As an artist, photographer and stylist, I have worked for over 20 years in the fields of communication, press relations, image, music and fashion.
Through my experiences, my search for meaning and my personal self-work, I have trained throughout my career in various techniques and approaches to personal development and awakening of consciousness (Jungian psychoanalysis, astrology, numerology, psycho-energetics, meditation, NVC...).

Certified Humanist Hypnosis Practitioner by the IFHE, I combine psychological and spiritual dimensions and therefore consider the human being in his globality body-soul-spirit, that is to say in his physical, emotional and spiritual unity.
My practice is based above all on the person as a unique individual, with his or her history, personal background, environment, aspirations, values, desires and dreams.
There are therefore few specific reading "grids", but a holistic approach in which active listening and benevolent questioning are the foundations.

Thus, I accompany those who wish to find their centre and their unity, in order to help them develop their own creative power, find their path and anchor their vision in a tangible reality which is theirs.

Crédit Photo @ Maïten Borges
Crédit Photo @ Maïten Borges

Praticienne en Hypnose Humaniste certifiée par l'IFHE, j'allie dimensions psychologique et spirituelle et envisage dès lors l’être humain dans sa globalité corps-âme-esprit, c'est-à-dire dans son unité physique, émotionnelle et spirituelle.
Ma pratique se base avant tout sur la personne en tant qu’individu unique, avec son histoire, ses bagages, son environnement, ses aspirations, ses valeurs, ses désirs et ses rêves.
Peu de « grilles » de lecture spécifiques donc, mais une approche décloisonnée dont l’écoute active et le questionnement bienveillant sont les fondements.

Ainsi, j’accompagne ceux qui souhaitent retrouver leur centre et leur unité, afin de les aider à développer leur propre pouvoir créateur, trouver leur chemin et ancrer leur vision dans une réalité tangible qui est la leur.

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