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"Those who dream awake are aware of a thousand things that escape those who only dream asleep."

- Edgar Allan Poe

Just imagine.
You are there, sitting comfortably in your armchair, your sofa, with your eyes closed in the middle of this room that you know, in this appartment that is yours.
You are here but at the same time everywhere at once, becoming aware of the objects that make up this space, of the walls of your bedroom, of your living room, of the environment in which you find yourself, of the neighbourhood, of the city, and perhaps even further away, beyond the seas and oceans, like a particle of air that travels outside space-time.
You become aware of the world around you, but also of yourself and of all those things that seemed inaccessible to you and yet make you the being you are, without losing contact with the outside world.

You are here, well anchored in the present moment.
And at the same time everywhere at once.

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Unlike Ericksonian Hypnosis which often generates a form of sleeping and "loss of consciousness", Humanist Hypnosis seeks to "dehypnotise" the person in order to unify him/her with him or herself and thus help him/her to change in full consciousness.
This reconnection produces what is called a state of expanded consciousness, which allows the person to become aware of him/herself and the world around him/her, but above all to access his/her deep resources and to work on his/her deep automatic (unconscious), emotional and physical mechanisms, in complete autonomy.
In other words, to make conscious what is unconscious using simple, powerful and effective techniques in order to get out of one's wounds and to move forward more serenely and freely on one's life path.

Guided by the therapist, the person thus actively participates in the healing of his/her whole being, without loss of control, and in full awareness.

Daren Thomas Magee

If Humanist Hypnosis resonates with you and you would like to know more about a session with me, I invite you to contact me here.

I will be delighted to answer all your questions and to accompany you in this healing process which is yours.

In full consciousness.

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John Baldessari

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