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Restore confidence in confusion, clarify thinking, identify pebbles in the shoes, navigate tension and conflict, untie, soothe and release the emotional bag of tricks, regain a solid and joyful self-esteem, gain momentum.
Move forward.

My approach is based above all on active listening and questioning, as well as on psycho-corporal and energy practices.
It is a holistic process in that it takes into account all the dimensions of the human being: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

I accompany you through the exchanges to help you connect and trust your intuition and your heart, to free you from limiting beliefs, to find your own solutions, in order to move forward step by step and more serenely in this quest for meaning which is yours.

After the first contact, we get to know each other during a first meeting to know if we are the good team.
If the feeling is mutual, we will then identify together the most appropriate tools for you.

The sessions are conducted at your own pace, in a safe, neutral and caring environment, according to your needs and your inner journey.

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