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"Les relations sont sûrement le miroir dans lequel on se découvre soi-même."

- Krishnamurti

Every interaction we have in the course of our lives, whether personal or professional, often leads us to question ourselves, the other person, what we want to experience, create, share and feel.

In order to live this unique relationship in the best possible way and to ease possible tensions and conflicts, I intervene as a mediator to help you to welcome your feelings, to understand what inspires you, to define your needs, but also to be attentive to the feelings and needs of the other person, with the aim of establishing a quality of connection which will allow each person to see their needs satisfied and nourished

In a one-to-one, two-to-one or small group session, I guide you in a neutral and impartial way to help you find creative solutions that are best suited for the development of your relationship.


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