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"True authority comes from experience"

In the heart of Native American wisdom with Jamie Sams

Collage @cosmiccollage

"True authority comes from experience: living according to our own decisions, not asking others to make our way, but to give us their point of view. There is no substitute for the truth that comes from the heart. There is no better way to communicate than to speak only of what we have really experienced. Anything else would be hearsay, another's opinion or an intellectual belief. When we talk about what we know and are willing to hear what others know from their own experience, we open our senses to learn. When what we talk about is what we have read or heard from someone else, we lose the magic of experiencing these things for ourselves. This kind of talk suits the observer who puts himself on the margins of life. Those who actively play the game of life possess a hard-won authority. When thinkers also become players who give their all, that is the way to balance."

- Jamie Sams

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